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Didier Morville, better known by his stage name JoeyStarr with additional alias as Jaguar Gorgone or Double R, is a French rapper, from Saint-Denis. He co-founded the famous French rap group Suprême NTM in 1989 along with Kool Shen.

Life and career

Joeystarr is from a family originating from the French overseas department of Martinique. In 1985, he joined the military at Baden-Baden, « 19 months of hell », an experience which he raps about in his album Authentik. After the army, he wandered the streets, sleeping in subways and alleys. He discovered hip-hop, and the latter changed his life.

Suprême NTM

During his time on the streets, he met another aspiring rapper, Kool Shen, who was also born in Saint-Denis. In 1988 they formed the group Suprême NTM alias NTM.[5] When the first single came out in 1989, he could not cash the check, since he could not provide an address or a bank account. The group achieved record sales with their four albums, but split in 1998. It had a comeback as announced on March 13, 2008.

Awards and nominations


2007: « Best rap artist » during L’Année du hip-hop Les trophées
2008: « Best concert » during L’Année du hip-hop Les trophées


2010: Nomination for « Best actor in a secondary role » during César Award for his role in Le Bal des actrices
2012: Nomination for « Best actor in a secondary role » during César Award for his role in Polisse
2012: Laureate for Patrick Dewaere Award

JoeyStarr – Métèque

JoeyStarr – Pose ton Gun II

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